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About ESL

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions (faq) about ESL

What is ESL
ESL is a collection of lesson plans, games, puzzles, and other resources for English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers. ESL also has several systems set up that allow teachers to customize activities with their own content, making the activities much more versatile and also allow other teachers to have access to the activities they create.

How much does it cost to use ESL
Currently there is no charge to use any of the activities or other resources available on ESL This site was started as a hobby, and it was intended to remain free of charge. Depending on how much time and money is required to maintain and update this site, advertising space may be sold. However, it remains a priority of this website's owner to provide resources for classroom use free of charge.

How do I use ESL
To begin using ESL, click on one of the menu links at the left. If you have any questions about using ESL, please contact us.

Who created ESL
ESL was created (and is maintained) by Justin Shewell. For more information, please visit

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