Tips for using BINGO in the Classroom

  • Be creative! BINGO can be used to review or practice many different topics, including vocabulary, grammar, and even math!
  • To combine vocabulary and pronunciation practice, put the "clue" (a short definition or synonym) on the card and have students call out the vocabulary words.
  • Before handing out the cards, tell students "DO NOT WRITE ON THE CARD!" Otherwise, they will write the matching word on the cards.
  • Use dried beans as markers. They are light to carry and tactile.
  • Nine (9) squares is the perfect number of words to put on a card. You can play 3-in-a-row across, down, and diagonal, as well as X-shape, a "plus" (+) shape, box on the outside, and many other variations. It also allows you to play shorter games, so you can play several games in a row.
  • After the teacher calls out the first game, have the winning student call out the next game, and so on.


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