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In this second edition of our eslactivities.com newsletter, I wanted to share with you a great activity for teaching irregular past tense verbs. This activity comes from one of my favorite teacher resources, Fun with Grammar, by Suzanne Woodward. If you have not seen this book, it contains hundreds of fun activities for teaching a multitude of grammar principles. It is designed to align with the Azar Grammar series, but can be used alone just as easily. I have planned entire grammar courses using just Fun with Grammar, and students love the games and activities because they are fun and engaging.

Irregular Bingo (Fun with Grammar, page 35)

Materials: Worksheet 15* and markers

Dynamic: Whole class

Time: 20 minutes


  1. Give every student a copy of one of the bingo cards and a handful of markers (papers, cardboard disks, beans, etc.).

  2. Call out the simple form of an irregular verb. The students cover the past (or past participle, depending on the card).

    NOTE: You could also make game cards with either the past or past participle and require students to find the other form (in this case the basic form is not used).

  3. The first student to cover five words in a row shouts "Bingo!" Walk over and check for accuracy, or ask the student to call out his/her covered words to see if they are in fact correct.

  4. For variety, ask for different completions, as in regular bingo: five up or down, diagonals, across, or four corners. Or use copies of the same card so that all students shout "Bingo!" at the same time.

*The book comes with printable worksheets, but you can also create your own BINGO cards using the BINGO Card Maker at eslactivities.com.

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