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Greetings from eslactivities.com! In this edition, I thought I would bring to you a book that has made many of my lessons fun and easy to prep. It is a book that any teacher should have in their library!

ESL Games for the Classroom

Motivate your students to learn English with quick set-up, interactive activities from ESL Games for the Classroom.

Every moment of class time counts. To fill class time productively, ESL Games for the Classroom offers effective ESL games that engage students with little or no prep work.

Quick and easy to set-up, these interactive ESL activities are perfect to warm up a class, round out a lesson, or teach a particular grammar or vocabulary point. Clearly organized by skill and level, ESL Games for the Classroom is the go-to ESL teacher’s companion for adding educational games to the agenda.

Improve pronunciation, strengthen vocabulary, and make learning fun―ESL Games for the Classroom offers quick and easy solutions to play-based lessons with:

  • 101 ESL games that require little or no prep work for classroom-tested fun
  • Clear organization that allows you to quickly reference games based on the skills you’re teaching, classroom size, and difficulty level
  • Flexible use for both small and big groups, plus options for private lessons

At the end of every class, leave your students excited to learn more in your next lesson with effective and entertaining activities from ESL Games for the Classroom.

Here is an example game:

Reply Relay

Materials & Prep Work

Prepare two sets of cards. One set has questions like "Where is the train station?" "How much are the apple?" "What time does the movie start?" and "How many cats live in this city?" The other set contains the answers. Make enough so that each student will have two cards from either one set or the other.

The Game

The object of the game is for studnts to find matching answers to the questions on their cards.

How to Play

Divide your class in half, then give one half two question cards each and the other half two answer cards each. The goal is for the students with the question cards to get rid of them. To do this, they must find the person who responds with the matching answer. The rule is that the students are allowed to say only what is written on their cards. The first student to get rid of his or her question cards is the winner. To balance out the activity, do it a second time, switching the groups that held the answers and questions.

What to Look For

Make sure the students are working quickly and speaking only the words on their cards. Make sure you write the cards so there is only one matching answer per question.

Isn't that a great activity?

New Frontiers in Classroom Management: Effective Practices for Live Online Instruction

I will be presenting a webinar in connection with the Office of English Language Programs and the American English Office, part of the US Department of State, and the Computer Assisted Language Learning Interest Section, part of the TESOL International Association, on effective strategies for classroom management in live online instruction. The webinar will be on December 8, 2020 at 1:00 PM Eastern time (6:00 PM GMT) and will be available on Facebook Live at https://facebook.com/AmericanEnglishforEducators. Below is a summary of the content of the presentation. Please tune in if you can!

Moving from face-to-face classes to virtual or hybrid instruction has created many challenges for ELT educators around the world; among those challenges is handling classroom management issues. Teachers must effectively manage situations that existed in the face-to-face classroom, but now require different strategies during virtual instruction, while also coping with new classroom management issues that are unique to online environments. This session will present a selection of practical strategies and accessible tools that can help teachers manage their e-classroom during live online sessions. 

That's all for this week! Thank you for using eslactivities.com!

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